Thursday, March 29, 2012

Close your eyes, make a wish and blow!

 One of Kylie's favorite things about spring and summer is the overwhelming amount of blowie flowers, also known as dandelions. Ever since she was little she has called them blowie flowers. It's one of her favorite things to go around the yard, and our neighbors yard picking dandelions and blowing them to make them go away and watch them blow in the wind.

Last night we sat outside around seven thirty with the kids playing in the yard and Gabryle started picking them. He would pick one, run back to where Jerrod and I were sitting in the yard and blow on it then putting it up to Jerrod's mouth so he would blow all the seeds off of the dandelion. He thought this was the most fun thing to do.
He ran back and forth between us and the patch of dandelions he was picking from. The last one he picked he brought it back to where we were and showed it to us. Then he went to blow it and instead had most of the dandelion end up all over his lips. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen watching him try and pick the seeds off of his mouth.

Kylie now realizes that she has competition for making sure to get the dandelions out of the yard. I don't think she realized that Gabryle would catch onto what she does with them. She found one of the dandelions the other day that was still the yellow flower and picked it. She showed it to me and I told her that if she had let it stay where she found it, it would eventually turn into a blowie flower. Now we will see if she actually stops picking the yellow ones before they turn into the white seeds that you can blow.

Till Next Time!

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