Thursday, June 30, 2011

The end of T-ball for the season.

This summer, and last summer, we let Mackenzie play tball. She seemed interested in it last year while she was in pre-k and so we let her play and she loved it and still does! Between the end of last  years season and the start of this season she had improved tremendously!
We sign her up through the local YMCA and they divide the teams up between the local schools in the area so the kids know most of the kids on their team. One of the kids parents coaches the team and they teach the basics of playing softball/baseball, along with how to play well with others, to play fair, and to have fun while playing.
This year Mackenzie has decided her most favorite thing to play, besides batting, is the catcher position. She has gotten pretty good at the position and did great at it. She concentrated the best while she was playing catcher. Her batting is great to! She had a few balls this year reach the grassy area on the field. (Who knows how good she will be next year)
Last night was the last game for the season for her league. She was a little disapointed but at the same time she is glad since now she doesn't have to worry about making sure she makes her games. She played three of the four innings, and batted twice during the sixty minute game. While fielding she got to play at pitcher, left field, and of course catcher.  I think its adorable since every time she goes to get the ball to throw it to base she takes a little skip, then runs to get the ball. Not sure if she realises that she does it, but she does.
After the game, the girls all gathered together and they all received a trophy last night. Mackenzie was thrilled she was able to "win" another trophy. (the YMCA does not keep score at the tball games)  On the way to the car all she kept saying was how excited she was she got another trophy for "winning" and making sure we were proud of her, which of course we always are. We also had to make it clear that when she gets older her team might not always win, and she might not also get a trophy. Her response "I know, but I'll try hard though to get a trophy cause I like winning them."
Now that t-ball is over for the summer, we will hear all about it the rest of the year till the YMCA has sign-ups again next year for their t-ball. (She might be in coach pitch next year which she is happy to be in also). We will go and get her a new picture frame for the new team picture she has to keep in her room with her trophy, and most likely she will take the new trophy yet again for show and tell next school year if they have time for show and tell.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is my life.

Some people think with three kids you have nothing to do but boy are they wrong! I am a wife and a stay at home mom of three beautiful children. Our oldest Mackenzie is 6 years old, loves tball and sports and being outdoors. Kylie is our middle child, who is 4 and is as girly as you can get. Our youngest, is Gabryle he will turn 2 in October, and is just as much of a handful as his two older sisters.

With these three children, you could not find more different personalities than anywhere else. One thing in common though is they all seem to get along for the most part very well together.

 Mackenzie is our little tomboy, who loves jeans and tshirts, loves to watch some sports and absolutly loves horses. She will always find a way for all three of them to play a game together, wether it is from playing tag or hide and seek, to playing horsey or school.  She is the ring-leader of them all, always trying to be the boss and finding things to do.

Kylie loves being the little girly-girl princess. She loves her dresses and playing dress up and trying her hardest to get me to let her wear make-up.  She has a stuffed pink monkey that she has had since she was a few days old that I bought her, and it is her most valued possession that she has. It goes every where with her when we go some place and it most definatly goes to bed with her at night.

Gabryle is the little know-it-all. He loves being around his sisters and trying to make everyone laugh. He watches everything around him and picks up on learning things so quickly, sometimes it seems hard to keep up with what all he has learned to do. His most favorite thing to do lately is do flips in the floor with his sisters and play outside in the sprinkler.

This blog will be about day to day things that happen in our household. It will highlight the good and bad times that happen here at home. I may not make daily entries, but hopefully I will make them fairly often.