Wednesday, October 31, 2012


 Well the kids had a blast today while we went to trick or treat. Gabryle was absolutely adorable in his robot costume and received lots of comments from people.  We went this year to the mall's trick or treat event and then went to a local neighborhood close to the girls school and trick or treated there also. The kids were so polite it made me proud! They said "Thank you" to all the people handing out candy and patiently waited their turn in the line at the mall.

Every time someone would put a package of M&M's into Gabryle's pail he got so excited he thanked them 2 or 3 times. It was just so cute! After we were through with all of the trick or treating the girls compared what was in each others buckets. Not sure of the purpose of that since they knew that all the candy would be combined into a communal bag to be put up in a spot only Mommy and Daddy could reach after being inspected so no one had more candy than the other.

 The girls also had a party in their classrooms during school today in the afternoon. Mackenzie said hers was a blast and they got to play a few games also during the party. Kylie said hers was fun because they also got to celebrate one of her friends birthdays during the Halloween Party. She also got to go trick-or-treating at the local Veterans center this morning with her class.

All in all the kids had a great day. They all fell asleep rather quickly tonight and I'm sure they were exhausted!

Till Next Time!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween's fast approaching!!

Halloween is just a few days away and the kids can not wait till it gets here. Or at least, the girls are extremely excited. Gabryle I am not for sure if he realizes yet what Halloween is. As of right now he just knows he has a costume in his closet that is hanging up waiting to be worn.
We carved our pumpkins yesterday and Gabryle had a BLAST getting to take out the seeds from the pumpkins. He was able to get all dirty in the house and didn't get in trouble for it! Even after the pumpkins were empty from their seeds and all carved out he thought it was still fun to take the top off and "act" like he was still getting stuff out of it. He had a plastic spoon and sat down with a cup and the pumpkins on the table and had fun. The girls helped a little taking out the seeds, but they weren't as into it as Gabryle. I've included pictures below!
This year, Mackenzie has decided she will be a cheerleader. That was a little shock to me, but hey, it's her choice. She already has a cheerleader outfit in her closet that she just has gotten to be in the size it is. She is excited she'll get to FINALLY wear it. She plans on having her hair in two braids and using the barrettes I made for her in their school colors. It also turns out great that the uniform is in their school colors, red and white.
Kylie is going to be a Cowgirl Pop star. She has a pink hat, a top with a horse on it, a skirt that is full and knee length and of course her pink cowgirl boots. She loves the outfit and it looks absolutely adorable on her. She at first wanted to be the red cowgirl that she saw at Wal-Mart cause that is what Miranda, one of her best friends is going to be, but was glad in the end with the pink one instead. Now she says she can be unique.
Gabryle will be a robot. He found the outfit at Wal-Mart when it first came out and fell in love with it! He goes around the house calling it "bobot" instead of robot, but it's still cute. He was so proud when he tried it on and it fit, after going and exchanging for a larger size.
Mackenzie already has our plans laid out for going to trick or treat Wednesday, and luckily her plans are also what we had in mind anyway for trick or treating this year. Kylie hopes we get to stop by her teacher's house from pre-k, which we most likely will. She also wants to try and stop by her teachers house from this year, but however since I have NO clue where she lives, we might not make her house. I'll post pictures Wednesday after they are all dressed up. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Gabryle with the girls pumpkins
 The girls got to take their school field trips to the pumpkin patch today and had a lot of fun. They were there at different times so they didn't get to hang out but I think they still enjoyed it.

Mackenzie's class, along with the other five second grade classes went from 8:30 to 11:00. They got to go on the hayrides, the little animal petting area and of course the pumpkin area. She was not thrilled with the hayride apparently though. All the way walking from the bus stop I heard "Mom it's not a hayride if they do not put the hay on the trailer. It's just a trailer ride then. Not a hayride! If you want it to be a hayride they should have put the hay on the trailer." (thank you captain obvious!) Besides that she had a good time. She said she picked out a nice sized pumpkin that will be great for either carving or painting, and is almost perfect.
 Kylie's class went from 11:00-2:00 and got to eat lunch at the patch also. She did all the other things that Mackenzie's class did. She liked the bouncy house and went through the maze that they had. She loved how they had a big round bale of hay and built it into a slide. I think that was her favorite thing today that she got to do. When she picked out her pumpkin she found the smallest one she could find. I asked her why she did that and she said because she is the smallest kid in kindergarten, so she wanted to find the smallest pumpkin she could find. I think it's rather cute. She plans as of right now to just paint her pumpkin.

We'll go soon and get Gabryle his own pumpkin and then get the kids yearly pumpkin pictures taken that I do every year for them during this time of the year. When I get those done I will post them for you!!! Hope you enjoy they pictures I posted!!!

Till Next Time!!!!

Look Mom I can pick up Mackenzie's!!

Mackenzie and Kylie's pumpkins.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Art by Kylie

 Kylie loves drawing! She has art class once a week at school, and then in her classroom she has an art station she gets to do a few times a week, depending on where her teacher puts her for centers time. She loves being able to use the really big pieces of paper that the school has.

This is the most recent drawing she has done. She did it today in class while she was at her art station. It's a picture of her, Mrs. McCuistion, her teacher, then Mackenzie, Gabryle Me and Jerrod. And yes they are in that order. She made sure to give her teacher high heels since she wears high heels every now and then.

After she told me who was who in the picture, she then went on to tell me the green is the grass, the brown is the dirt and then in the sky it is the sun and the clouds along with her name and class number. (each student has a number for their cubby and papers and what not so it's a little easier on her teacher.)  I just thought I would share with you all her drawing!

Till Next Time!!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Mackenzie and Kylie have lately gotten very into having their fingernails painted. The past week we have painted their nails almost every other day. Yes lots of nail polish remover is used but it's been fun doing their nails for them.
Yesterday Kenzie came up and asked me if I could do each nail two different colors, so I looked online to see the best way to do it. Luckily all you have to do is go to pinterest and you have lots of suggestions on what to do. I used the suggestion on there to cut tape into the angle or design you want to use. This evening after dinner I did the girls nails with the two tone they wanted. Kenzie picked orange and blue and Kylie picked gold and blue. Both of the colors have a little sparkle in them and I really like them. I found at Wal-Mart called Sinful Colors and its inexpensive, great colors, and dries fairly quickly. The last part is always a plus when doing the girls nails, especially Mackenzie. She may be the oldest but gets a little more antsy than Kylie.
I put the base color down, which was the lighter color of the two and let it completely dry. After it was completely dry I cut strips of tape into the length I needed for Mackenzie's fingernails and then continued to paint the blue color on. After about 30 to 45 seconds I peeled off the tape and then after it completely dried applied a clear top coat. Mackenzie absolutely loves it! Kylie had me do her fingers just in the blue and then did the gold and blue on her toes, which turned out pretty well also. I didn't do the tape on hers and just eyeballed the blue on her toes. Some of her toes are so tiny its just easier to eyeball it!!
I've posted pictures below of the girls nails. Hope you enjoy!!

Till Next Time!!!!

Kylie's Toenails

Kylie's Fingernails

Mackenzie's Fingernails

Mackenzie's Fingernails

Gabryle patiently waiting for us to finish the nails

All three kiddo's