Friday, January 25, 2013


I would like to announce that I now have an ETSY shop open for the hair bows and jewelry I make!!!!! It just opened up last night and I hope you go check it out and have your friends check it out also! I will have a website made up also for the items I will be selling and as soon as I get that up and running I will post a link on here for you. I am also currently experimenting with a few ideas I have and hopefully they work and I will update you on that also. More items will be coming to the shop I have, so make sure and check back on the page! Please let everyone you know check it out also! To view my Etsy Shop go to:

Remember to check it regularly for new items!!!!

Till Next Time!!!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013


We've made some big accomplishments in our house the past few weeks. We've been working with Gabryle on getting him potty trained and I have to say that it is going very well now!

He at first was hesitant about going through potty training but I am proud of how well he is doing. He can go now all day with no more than 1 accident if even that. He has gone the past 2 days with no accident in his big boy clothes. He makes sure to tell me when he has to go and then runs to the bathroom. He still uses a diaper for bedtime at night and during nap time but besides that he doesn't use them.

We will also be getting him a big boy bed soon, which we have started to look for. He has already decided that he would like Agent P from Phineas and Ferb bedding set. I didn't realize that it would be difficult to locate, so its good that I have started looking early! I found a set the other day and was crazy and didn't bookmark the page I found it on. We even found you can get a stuffed Perry the Platypus and he thought that was the coolest thing so we might have to get him one of those too when we get him his big bed. It's hard to believe he's already big enough to be ready to get out of his toddler bed! Kids grow up way to fast!!!!

I'll make sure and post pictures of his bed when we get it.

Till Next Time!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Game Night!

Kylie stacking her dominoes while waiting for her turn.
 We had a game night in our house last night and ended up playing dominoes. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun with it and in the end Kylie won the game we played. Gabryle seemed to have the most fun stacking the dominoes we had and tapping them together to make noises. Kylie found she can make a "sofa" out of them.  I took a few pictures and thought I would share them. I hope you enjoy!!

The kids usually play Pop the Pig, Sorry, or Trouble, but last night we taught them a new game. Next up I plan on teaching them Monopoly!

Till Next time!!!
Gabryle helping Daddy put the dominoes back up in their box

Kenzie and Jerrod waiting on their turns.

Kylie getting some help from Jerrod.

Kenzie getting some help from Daddy.

Gabryle figuring out which one of our dominoes to play. 

Having some fun with some dominoes. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Break is over.

Gabryle with 1 of his Thomas the Train sets. 
Christmas is over and New Years Day has passed. School resumed today for the girls, and we are back into our normal daily routine. I kinda of wish I had till Monday to sleep in more and not be up at 6:30 but oh well. The girls were glad to be back at school this morning. Kylie on the way to the bus stop told me of how she and Miranda will play at recess and sit and talk all the way to school on the bus today.

Gabryle ate breakfast after I got back and the first thing after that he wanted to do is play with his big Thomas train set Gamma and Tim got him for Christmas this year. I put it together, he started it up and had fun watching Molly get run into by the train since she was sitting on the edge of the track. It just grazed it her but she sure did jump and give Gabryle a good laugh. After a little bit he then put that track up and then pulled out his other Thomas track sets and we hooked them all together.

He seems glad to have his normal days with just me and him at home back. He helped tape up some boxes for the Salvation Army and then helped me get them in the car. We drove them over and dropped them off and came back home and now he is just relaxing. I'm sure the last half of the school year will be just as busy as the first, and the girls will enjoy every minute of it. I think Kenzie is looking forward to the spring when she can sign up again for t-ball and play again this summer. I'm not sure if Kylie will want to play yet, but I think she might enjoy it. I do know if she can find a summer cheerleader camp she would love that!

Till next time!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Fun!

 Merry Christmas Everyone!! I hope you had a great christmas. Our family has had a very nice Christmas at home this year, and it even included SNOW! The kids are excited about getting to play in the snow when they get to later! They all seemed to be very grateful for what they received this year.

The girls have enjoyed being on Christmas break, although Kylie has already asked if its time to go back yet. Gabryle has seemed to enjoy having the girls home to play with. He goes up to them and hollers "Sisters come on!" to get them to come and play with him. It's cute!

I've posted a few pictures from today for you! I hope you enjoy them. If I don't write again before the end of the year, have a happy New Year!

 Till Next Time!!!
Mackenzie's Christmas card she made Jerrod and I at school.

Mackenzie's Christmas gift she made Jerrod and I in class.

Kylie's Christmas gift she made for Jerrod and I in class. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mackenzie's Birthday Party!

Yesterday, the seventh of December we had Kenzie's 8th birthday party. She seemed to have a blast this year. A few of her friends from school came to the party and she seemed to enjoy having them there with her.

This year she decided to have her party at Pink Swirls here in town. It's a neat little Live Culture Yogurt store. They make all of the yogurt in their store and from what I believe is organic.  All the kids were able to get half a cup of the yogurt and up to three toppings each. I also of course made her some cupcakes and made some tie-dye frosting to on top of them. She loved the cupcakes!

Jerrod and I got her a set of roller blades and she was thrilled she got a pair. She has been wanting some since she went to a friends birthday party at the skating rink a few months ago. She was also thrilled about getting a telescope and guitar. She seemed to have a great birthday party which I'm glad about. Enjoy the pictures!!

Till Next Time!!!